How to use a Cross trainer for Maximum Benefit

Whenever workout plan is discussed, having one of the best equipment in place is on the priority list. Most people face a problem with the way it is used. The other name for a cross trainer is elliptical. It is not great looking gym equipment but has many benefits as it provides a whole body workout without having to spend on different equipment for different parts of your body. With its ability to tone up the entire body, fitness freaks look for the best cross trainers available. After having one or while in the gym, the next question that comes to the mind is how to use it.

cross trainer tips

How to use a Cross Trainer

It is not too easy to use a cross trainer as beginners will have complaints about the pain in the calf muscles, aching of the feet and sprain in the ankle area. With time and practice, things will fall into place and you will get used to the hardcore training you can do with it. Things to keep in mind in order to use a cross trainer are the following.

  • Feet placement: As the paddles are designed in a way that the heels of the person working out will have to heels upwards throughout the session, it is important to place the feel in a comfortable position so that you don’t have trouble later.
  • Warm up: It is the basic start to any intensive workout. Stretching of muscles before onboarding the cross trainer is a great tip.
  • Assist the legs: While you are using a cross trainer, be mindful of the use of your legs that are used extensively during the practice. Despite making smaller movement on the paddles, make larger movements with control in your hands.
  • Know your Resistance: When a person is working out, he or she should not look exhausted. One should know the resistance level and never look worked up. If you look exerted and bothered, you are not doing it the right way.
  • Forward Motion is the best: Men are born to walk forward. If we break this rule and try to work out backward on the cross trainer, there are chances that we harm ourselves.
  • Towel and water bottle handy: Working out on a cross trainer can result in sweating and dehydration. It is, therefore, advisable that keep a towel to soak the sweat and water bottle to quench your thirst ready.

Of all the equipment for the gym, cross trainer is the one which gives 360-degree result to one’s toning of the body. Prevention is better than cure. So keeping the tips in mind before using the cross trainer can be of extreme help when one is a beginner with it. Cross trainer may give pain with much to gain.