Joct Itch Treatment: Get Rid of Jock Itch at Home Today

What is Jock itch?

It’s a fungal infection that affects your skin. It appears like ringworm, but it’s not a ringworm at all. It usually appears in the parts of your body that do not receive a regular supply of air circulation. This means that it shows up in areas where air does not get to frequently. For example, your groin, inner thighs, skin folds if you’re obese and in your buttocks. This is because the fungi that cause jock itch thrive very well in moist and warm areas and that’s why it likes appearing in those parts of your body.

How Does Jock Itch Occur?


Jock itch occurs on the skin in various ways in different people. Below are the different ways by which jock itch develops on the skin.

  1. Sharing things with an infected person – This involves sharing the same thing like towel, dress, socks and shoes with an infected person. This is among the easiest ways to be contaminated with jock itch.
  2. Improper cleaning of your groin, inner thighs, and buttocks. Because the mentioned parts of the body do not receive a significant amount of air circulation, it makes it easier for jock itch causing fungi to flourish in these regions. Also, because your groin area, inner thighs, and buttocks do not receive proper care — washing — like other parts of the body, this can also lead to the development of jock itch on your skin.
  3. Wearing tight-fitting clothes – This is also one of the fastest ways for jock itch to build up on your skin. Most especially if your tight-fitting dress doesn’t allow the circulation of air on your skin.
  4. Use of dirty underwears – In warm weather, underwears singlets and pants — tend to get wet easily due to excessive sweating, and if you don’t change them as often as possible, it can lead to growth of the jock itch on your skin.

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How to Prevent Jock Itch

  1. Wear loose clothes.
  2. Keep your groin, buttocks clean, and inner thighs, cool and dry.
  3. Expose your groin, inner thighs and buttocks to air circulation.
  4. Wear dry and cool underwear — boxer pants, singlets, T-shirts, etc.

How to Treat Jock Itch

  1. Wash the part that is affected with warm water and antiseptic soap. The warm water will make the affected area soft and more tender for the antiseptic soap to fight the fungi in the spot. Also, the warm water will make the jock itch cream much more effective than if washed with cool water.
  2. Dry the affected part with a clean and dry towel. It’s not advisable to keep the affected area wet so you should dry the area with a clean towel before you apply any jock itch treatment cream on the area. Don’t forget to do the cleaning gently to avoid irritation on the affected area.
  3. Apply jock itch cream. After achieving the above tips, applying a jock itch cream should be the last thing to do.

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