5 Killer Tips for Yoga Beginners

Yoga is an old practice of body relaxation and meditation since the time of the sages of ancient India. Yoga teaches poses, breathing control, and final relaxation exercises. Beginners will have the necessary tips to make it in Yoga. Below are the best 5 tips to get you started.

yoga tips for beginner

1. Style Guide

Yoga promises both slow-paced, fast-paced, rigorous and gentle movements. Starters should choose styles that are easy. Start with the low paced and gentle poses and movements as the body adjusts to the new technique. Avoid getting sore.
Hatha Yoga is the best to start with. Hatha is generally the whole practice of Yoga. Classes labeled Hatha Yoga, though, are slower, gentle and the focus is on the very basics of it. Vinyasa Yoga involves more movement and vigorous practices.

2. Starting out- Home, Studio or Gym

Beginners will need to make a decision on the best place to start out. New techniques need teachers more than own practice. Yoga in the gym focuses more on the physical aspects of yoga. Studio yoga practice is more concerned with the aspects of mind, body, and spirit. It also involves breathing and chanting and asanas.

For any reason that you have to start from home, invest in beginner DVDs and yoga books. Yoga card decks also come in handy. Online resources will also give guides step by step. Check out the yoga burn dvd reviews on this amazing site so you can make the right choice. DVDs will work better as they leave you with the practice without having to read everything.

3. Understand the necessities

A yoga mat and comfortable but not very tight clothing are all you need. You can also invest in a yoga rug, a couple of blocks and a strap when necessary.

4. Personal safety

The body is your asset in the practice of yoga. It is important to take care of the neck, back, and joints in your practice. Knees should be slightly bent. Avoid overarching the back. Do not strain while doing the kneeling yoga. When uncomfortable while kneeling or sitting, place a pillow to ease the pressure. Avoid locking the knees in standing posture. Keep your neck aligned with the spine. Do not flip it backward or down. Go with what is comfortable. Your teacher should not force you into a pose.

5. While Training

Understand that the practice of Yoga is done barefoot, not even socks are necessary. Always switch your phone off to avoid interruptions. Stick to the whole schedule. Keep your journal. Always end with the savasana, the final resting pose after your practice.

Final thoughts

With a good and consistent practice, yoga revitalizes the body. It prepares it for deeper meditation and general body health. It has been proven over ages. A good beginning and daily routine will encourage you to finish strong.